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Bitumen Seal

Bitumen Seal

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Two coat spray sealed bitumen over gravel road base. Cost is higher than road base alone, but considerably less maintenance and upkeep long term. Two coat bitumen sealing provides better traction, no dust, and when done properly spray seal is far less prone to cracking and potholing and does not corrugate.

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Bitumen Seal

Driveway in the Highland
Driveway in the Highland

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What The Driveway Guys can do?

Here at The Driveway Guys, we have over 20 years of experience in the earthmoving and landscape industries and are experts in driveway construction, providing bitumen and asphalt driveway services to the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas. If you are considering finishing out your road or driveway, contact us today with any questions and for a free quote. We are here to meet all your driveway needs.

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Why choose Spray Sealing?

Your driveway is a very important feature which is often overlooked when it comes to building your home or even when renovations are carried out. A well-presented bitumen driveway can make a real difference to the visual approach to your home, increasing its value and lowering your driveway maintenance.

A bitumen spray seal is a two coat system. Liquid bitumen is sprayed onto a prepared road base surface. A 10mm aggregate is spread in a uniform layer and rolled. The second coat of bitumen is sprayed followed by a layer of 7mm aggregate and rolled again.
We recommend spray sealing as a solution to our clients for any application, from residential to rural or industrial projects. We love the benefits of added traction and the ability to customize the top layer of stone of spray seal for residential drives.

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Bitumen Seal


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Great company, great job. I hired The Driveway guys to cut out and repair the outdoor lot for my dealership, as well as the indoor showroom floor and staff parking. Quote was returned quickly, the price was right, they showed up when promised and did a great job. The parking lot was cleaner when they left than when they arrived. Extremely polite and pleasant crew. I highly recommend them.

David Mackay

Wouldn’t have even considered anyone else for the job. I needed an all weather driveway & extra parking on my property, & these guys delivered above & beyond what I needed. Showed up when they said they would. Fantastic job, very well organized, professional workmen.

Charlie Fenton

I called the Driveway Guys when we needed a complete revamp for our machinery storage lot and their work was absolutely spot on. With the new all weather driveway I have no issues getting my machinery in & out in any conditions and it has held up beautifully. I’d happily use them again for any spray sealing jobs.

Ian Isedale

The Driveway Guys recently finished a complete revamp of the driveways and parking for 12 units I own. As well as initial planning with myself, they also liaised with real estate and all residents with complete professionalism & flexibility. We couldn’t be happier with the result! Would definitely recommend The Driveway Guys!

Richard Kaegi

The Driveway Guys have been working on a massive overhaul of access roads, driveways, and coach & car parking for our cellar door and restaurant at Cuttaway Hill Winery. Every aspect of the job was taken into consideration during planning and the results speak for themselves. Their work is absolutely second to none. I cannot recommend then highly enough, & they’ll be the only company we use in future for any work we need done on the property.

Dennis Casey